HYPERALLIANCE is a musical, aesthetical, technological and knowledge sharing project led by Ines Alpha & Panteros666. On june 8th 2017, Monochrome welcomes HYPERALLIANCE @204 galery to show off their common VR experience. “Welcome aboard Panteros666 & Ines Alpha's spaceship” A multimedia performance celebrating rave and digital art forms uniting digital art performance & electronic live show. Each track takes us inside a room. Each room has been imagined by an artist as part of the HYPERALLIANCE. To celebrate our collaboration with Monochrome, get on board and discover the first VR room from HYPERALLIANCE's spaceship : ੪ D.A.P NextGEN ੪ VR room artist : ines alpha Track : "D.A.P" by panteros666 & ARME Also, posters have been made specially for the exhibition. HYPERALLIANCE is a visual project part of the panteros media galaxy record label. https://204.monochrome.paris/