My name is Ines, i’m an art and video director based in Paris.

I Graduated with honors from a fine art school in Paris in 2007, then I joined ADDADOG studio and worked with Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas as a Graphic designer. Working with these two artists drove me to realize that there was more to learn about all forms of art and fashion. In 2009, I entered the Masterclass course in management of fashion and design at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris for a one year master degree.

From there I was hired by a French independent advertising company named “ la chose “ where I am still today working as an Art Director.

I have other ongoing personnal projects including new aesthetic live show animations with Panteros666 and music video clips (Yuksek, Two door cinema club, Panteros666, OWLLE).

To contact me : ines.marzat@gmail.com

ʕ ͒ )